∞-Ray Vision

Go from 20/20 to 20/plenty with this seemingly amazing gift of sight. But here's the catch. Your see-throughiness is infinite and not at your discretion.

So, perhaps you are seeking out survivors in a collapsed mineshaft. Scanning through the wreckage with your
-ray eyes, you see through the rock pile. Then through the coal. The trapped miner's clothes. His skin. His capillaries. His kidney. His bones. Back through his skin. Dirt. The upper mantle. Magma. The lower mantle. The outer core. The inner core. Again the outer core. The lower and upper mantles. Fossilized raptor dung. More dirt. A rice paddy in Miryang. A cumulus cloud. The Ozone layer. The Stratosphere. The Exosphere. Outer Space. A meteorite. The Orion Nebula. The Twin Quasar. Et cetera.

In short, by seeing through everything you will essentially never see anything.


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  2. i think you've missed out something,

    the "ray vision" will travel not faster than the speed of light, which means, if galaxies are few light years away, it might take a couple years of continual focusing on one specific point for light to reach your eyes from another galaxy..
    not bad huh

  3. I think that you would see it right away, but what you see would just be several lightyears behind.

  4. Nice site you have here..
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  5. Interesting crap superpower, but how the hell do you know about Miryang?

  6. This is what happened in the Sci Fi classic, "The Man With X Ray Eyes".

    Ray Milland thought X-Ray vision was fun at first, but he could see too much, all the time (closing your eyes doesn't make a difference if you've got x-ray vision) so in the end he loses his mind.

    Great film, that.

  7. Gravitational Resistance
    Ability to slow acceleration towards earth in vacuum to 9.7 m/s/s. Increases chances of parachute-less skydiving survival (slightly).

  8. Dammit, I read about this site over on Zoomdoggle.com, first power I thougth was was real X-ray vision where you see through everything and therefore see nothing. Figures someone else got there before me :)
    I guess that' smy useless superpower, to think of award winning ideas, after someone else already won the award for it... :(

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