Left-side Levitation

SUPERUSELESS SUPERPOWER: Left-side levitation or "Left-itation".
With this amazingly useless power, only half of you can levitate. Which means the other half acts as an anchor. As an added un-bonus, cabs are constantly stopping for you whenever you engage your powers on the street. And as we all know, being yelled at by angry cabbies eventually leads to depression. And emo.


  1. great power if you're doing Russian Ballet! :)

  2. that one almost made me spit out my coffee. Great stuff! Im totally subscribing.

  3. i remember the flash doing something like this to vibrate himself out of a solid block of ice. superman was all surprised and flash was like "what?"

  4. not totally useles, if you consider jumping and landing..you're half lighter :P

  5. This reminds me of that Vandals song, "Idea for a Movie" or some such.

    I got an idea for a movie
    It's about this guy
    Who wished and wished
    Till it came true
    And now this kid can fly

    Oh, I forgot one thing about the guy
    Whom we gave the ability to fly
    It was only for a foot or two
    And only an inch or so high

  6. It would be useful if you need to stand in one place for hours (like concerts). The reduced weight would mean that you could stand one one leg just as easy as on two

  7. hahaha the image is sooo funny, made me LOL!