Walk through walls-ish

SUPERUSELESS SUPERPOWER: Walk Through Walls-ish, aka The Studfinder
There are all kinds of walls. Brick ones. Stone ones. Berlin ones. This power vibrates your molecules allowing you to walk through walls, but only halfway. You never actually make it through the opposite side of the wall you entered.

Trapped in a madman’s labyrinth?
See what brand of sheetrock he used.

Wake up hungover on Amontillado wine and enclosed in an Italian catacomb?

Admire the masonry work as you slowly suffocate.


  1. Hahah, brilliant. I can hear the 'thwack'

  2. I guess this power should come in handy... somehow...

  3. It´s great. Finally I find my favorite heros in the world.

  4. The Poe reference made my day. :)

  5. Hide inside walls. neat power, actually.

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