Any button you touch becomes a self-destruct button (that only destroys itself). We recommend stocking up on cell phones, TV remotes...oh, and The Clapper.

[Thanks Antelieris, AGAIN, for the assist!]


  1. That has some small sense of merit. ELevator buttons self destructiong essenially trap people on that floor, or force them to use the stairs. Which traps them in a stairwell. Not amazing to be alone on, but as a sidekick definitely has use. :)

  2. Are you serious O.o? I didn't even think I'd win the first one, and yet, here I am, being thanked again for another one. I must be more adept at this than I thought xD.

    As for the email, who am I supposed to email, and what about?

  3. They need more ideas, mate. Without you, all they have is crap like "Grows his toenails at 1.05 times the normal rate" and "Leaps 1/35-scale model buildings in a single bound!"

  4. And "Leaves super anonymous comments on mediocre blogs"

  5. The psychic mute!
    He can predict the future, but no one can understand what he is saying!

    The midas gift!
    a poor man, he can't get a job. he can't seem to get anywhere in life, because anyone he comes within a meter of has incredible luck, change in money, fortune and a fantastic life.
    unfortunely this means everytime he comes in for a job interview the manger quits because he suddenly becomes rich, leaving him on the streets!

  6. Completely senseless superforces of alleged superheroes

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